Wadi 22L



Ideal for long route climbing. Robust and comfortable, it is designed to offer the best balance between lightness, strength & comfort.

Its carrying system offers an exceptional comfort thanks to the reinforced back panel and specially designed shoulder straps. A very practical carabiner is located on the top to clip the bag to the belay (2KN resistance). The hauling handles are designed and positioned to ensure easy clipping and well-balanced hauling.

Designed to be worn all day long without noticing it and tough enough to be hauled past the crux if necessary. The WADI is the ideal bag to take on ambitious projects with long approaches, complex routes, and abrasive rock.

Hydration bladder compatible, helmet & ice axe / pole carry included.

Technical information

• Back panel & shoulder straps optimized for climbing mode
• Easy adjust sternum strap
• Removable 20mm waist belt
• Easy clip-in hauling handles
• Rope strap + Adjustable 2kN carabiner for quick belay clip
• Quick access external zip pocket (fits a water bottle)
• Small valuables internal zip pocket with key hook
• Included helmet & pole carry
• Hydration bladder compatible

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Awesome climbing pack - 22L

This pack is perfect for those longer routes you go up and over on. Been guiding with it in Red Rock for the season and it's holding up well. I can fit a standard rack and draws, wind layer, harness and personal kit, shoes, water and snacks, med kit, rope on top. Helmet stores nicely on the outside. Very easy to clip into the anchor at the belay and access snacks / water. My helmet does not touch the bag when I look up the wall and I can still reach my chalk bag easily behind me. Hip belt easily removed for climbing.

The zipper pocket on the side is not super useful with a full pack but nice if the pack isn't stuffed. I would add lightweight padding on the hip belt where the strap meets the hips. The minimalist strap is quite uncomfortable 3 hours later on a long descent or approach, and the pack is big enough to warrant some support. I find myself unclipping the waist belt often when hiking. Also, the closure system is nice and simple but struggles to actually stay closed if the bag is full. I find that the closing carabiner does not stay once you tighten down the strap, it will loosen quite easily. Though it does not seem like anything will ever fall out because of this.

If your looking for a durable on route climbing pack this is a solid option.

One annoying flaw

Took this pack on its first multipitch yesterday and it has a lot of great qualities. Sturdy, sits high enough to be out of the way of my harness, good easy access pockets. I like the integrated carabiner to clip it to the belay BUT the design of that strap, which is also meant to hold a rope in place, is flawed. When hiking in & out, the weight of the rope pushes against the strap, causing the buckle to loosen. So by the time you get where you’re going, the rope is flopping around halfway down the pack, and could easily get lost (especially as there are no side straps to hold it down). I ended up having to tie a stopper knot to keep the buckle from loosening, which is okay, but I hope they will come up with a system to keep the strap tightened down.

Mara Reed
Holds up for caving!

I am a caver who has been searching for something with a little more comfort factor than the typical minimalist cave pack, and this fits the bill. The 22 L size and weight works well for project caving; it sits well on my back and keeps a low profile for its size. I can fit food, extra layers, vertical gear, a camera, and four strobes inside. Once you take off the waist and shoulder straps, there are minimal snag points, and I didn’t feel like the pack was getting caught on things through crawls. The material is robust and as a bonus provides some minimal water resistance—it has so far held up to being dragged over sharp marble surfaces during a week of intensive alpine caving. One downside is that the outside pocket is zippered, and thus I don’t expect a long life out of it in a cave environment, but for now it’s nice to store a water bottle in it for quick access.

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