Our ambassadors

They are alpinists, climbers, skiers, professional guides. A community of enthusiasts gathered around BLUE ICE. All of our products are thoughtfully designed and made with them in mind for daily use or for extreme conditions. Real teamwork that inspires and allows us to be at the forefront of innovation.

Hélias Millerioux

High-level mountaineer and mountain guide

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Martin Elias

High-level mountaineer, climber and mountain guide

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Pierre Hourticq

Steep slope skier and mountain guide

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Camille Armand


Dany Ulmann

Mountain guide, Mountaineer, Climber

Philip Pichlbauer


Robin Revest

High-level mountaineer, climber, mountain guide and photographer

Krister Jonsson

Mountain guide, Mountaineer, Skier

Giuliano Bordoni

Skier, Mountaineer, Mountain Guide

Olivier François

Mountain guide, Climber and Mountaineer

Marco Tamponi

Mountain guide, Mountaineer

Joern Heller

Mountain guide

Philipp Schädler

Mountain guide, Skier, Mountaineer

Caroline W-George

Mountaineer, Mountain guide

Martin Schidlowski

Mountain guide, Mountaineer

Jeff Verstraeten

Mountaineer, Climber

Harald Fichtinger

Mountain guide, Austria

Clementine Junique

Skier, France

Tommaso Lamantia

Skier and Climber, Italy

Tips from Martin Elias

ALPINISM : Some tips & tricks to reach your first winter alpine climbing

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