Harfang Enduro



The Harfang Enduro crampons have a chromoly steel front, secondary and rear rail giving you harmony between durability, packability and weight. This patented concept is based on a central main textile strap that connects the front, secondary and back rails. This system allows the user to mount it in the most suitable position base on the application or the geometry of the boots. The main strap flexible linking system minimizes bulk and offers a real compactness. The Harfang Enduro is designed to fit any boot with a heel welt and includes front bail systems: fully auto and semi-auto which are easily interchangeable.

Technical information

Material: UHMWPE and HTPE 40mm center strap, Chromoly steel
Heel Lever with micro adjustment
Fixed pivoting point cable attachment
Chromoly steel front, secondary and rear rails
Interchangeable front bails for boots with and without a front toe welt
TPU Active ABS to prevent snow bailling
Weight: 534g without ABS per pair and 581g with ABS per pair
Sold with toe basket and storage bag
Certifications: CE EN 893, UIAA 153
Ideal for ski touring and mountaineering
Shoe sizes: 35EU - 46EU
PPE: return not allowed

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stephen Colegrove
Set expectations

I would consider these ultralight gear. You should not expect them to endure the same level of wear and tear as a traditional crampon. The steel parts are fine but the lever, straps, and buckle aren't nearly as burly as what's on a BD Contact. I wish the strap and buckle were a bit bigger because there's no way these can be threaded with anything but the thinnest of gloves.

The front bail is extremely difficult to swap out, and the included instructions don't mention that you'll need a vice to change them! I did find the video on youtube and followed that, which had me placing my crampons in a vice and a sling. I eventually used a pair of vice grips instead of the sling, but I still had a heck of a time. In fact, I had to stop after one crampon because I didn't want to blow out my shoulder a day before a rock climbing trip I was going on. What's more, you'll scratch the powder coat when changing the bail and expose the chromoly steel, which will now rust easier.

That said, I think these are good if you've got a very long approach, or expect the crampons to be in your pack a lot. The steel seems just as good as anything else and they are incredibly light and packable as advertised.

Andrew Harmon

Harfang Enduro Crampon

Killer adjustment and packability

Fits perfectly on my g2 evos. Killer on Denali where steel is real.

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