Choucas Light



The Choucas Light is an ultralight harness designed for ski mountaineering. Weighing just 84g, it is one of the lightest and most compact harness on the market.

Its simple and minimalist design ensures comfort and practicality: it has two gear loops and ice screw keepers as well as a convenient and fast leg loops opening system allowing it to be put on even with skis or ice crampons on.

This ultralight, technical and comfortable harness is ideal for technical mountaineering and alpinism.

It is UIAA certified for ski mountaineering competitions. Mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel made history with this harness when he descended the K2 on skis.

Technical information

• Can be put on/off with skis/crampons on
• Tying loops, with adjustable clip backup
• Independent leg loops opening system with secured aluminum buckles
• Two gear loops
• Two ice screw keepers
• Minimal weight: 84g (S), 89g (M), 93g (L), 95g (XL)
• How to choose the right size for you? The Choucas Light fits a little small. Also, it can be put over pants or under (with the tying loops left outside the pants). Please choose your size accordingly. In doubt or if your waist/legs dimensions are in between two sizes, we recommend you to choose the bigger size.
• Dimensions Waist/Legs : S (70/83 cm - 45/55 cm) M (80/93 cm - 50/60 cm) L (90/103 cm - 55/65 cm) XL (100/113 cm - 60/70 cm)
• Webbing: UHMW polyethylene, polyamide, Aircraft-grade aluminum leg buckles
• Conform to the CE/EN 12277 type C climbing harness certification
• UIAA certified
• Ideal for mountaineering, ski touring and ice climbing

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joseph Hobby
Unmatched and Undefeated

Hands down, best in it's class. I'm on several years using this ski harness exclusively. To me, it's unparalleled and what I recommend to any friend that asks. When I'm going into terrain with hanging or multiple rappels, I prefer to shift to a more robust harness like the Choucas Pro. Pairs well with any captura style carabiner (like the Elderid HMS Triple or any other triple action, isolating carabiner).

Anna Marno

Choucas Light Harness

Kevin Dombrock
I thought I forgot to put on my harness...

So light, so smooth, so sexy. This harness is so compact that the biggest concern will be realizing you packed it or put it on. Very functional leg-loop closures and waistbelt buckle make the Choucas Light EASY to take on and off without putting it on one leg at a time. That's right, you can finally transcend the everyday routine of putting pants on one leg at a time.

I have been using this since 2018, and it's still going strong! It's great for Cascade volcanoes and low angle alpine rock like the W Ridge of Forbidden Peak. The one question I get from people is about gear loops, and my answer is to pair it with a Warthog pack and move your gear loops to the pack's waistbelt!

Tim Zander

Very functional, light and comfortable

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