Alpine Runner

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Its single strand design greatly improve its carryability and ease of use in compraison to a close loop sling.

Carabiners are not included with Alpine Runners.

Technical information

- Materials: UHMWPE core and HTPE braded sheath
- Available in different lengths : 35, 55, 90 and 110 cm
- Weight: 35 cm = 14g / 55 cm = 20 g / 90 cm = 32 g / 110 cm = 38 g

-Strength 22 kN

Customer Reviews

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Aaron Delaplane

Alpine Runner

Alpine Runners

These things are really light and quite versatile. A great low bulk addition to my alpine draws. These are not a replacement for slings but rather an additional piece that is streamlined for its use. I have some paired with 19 gs for an extremely light alpine draw. I can't wait to get my hands on a 110cm to test anchor building with it.

Gordon Betenia
A leap ahead

Sling performance has increased incrementally over the years. These seem more like a leap. The 55 is a cleaner, easier to manage, less prone to tangling or jamming, solution for an alpine draw. It also works very well with small biners such as the 19G, with less of a tendency to cross-load while shortened. The 110 is PERFECT for most belays on ice.

Barrett Stearns
Awesome addition to your rack

I bought the red one primarily for quick anchor building while multi pitch climbing. If you like to have options on your rack, then I would recommend getting this runner. I would have bought the smaller sizes too, but I already own a few long draws from other brands. The red runner is Perfect length for anchors or a personal tether. It’s a bit long for an extendable draw. The protective sheath is a nice feature and doesn’t seem to add weight. Get one!

John Ivanic
Blue Ice

Love the Blue Ice gear, you guys nailed it, love the new slings, so much neater to keep organized, also I truly love the ice screws! Thank you Blue Ice.

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