Aero Lite



The AERO LITE are the lightest ice screws on the market, with an innovative 3-tooth steel bit for technical mountaineering.
They are available in 5 lengths. They use a stainless steel, 3 tooth tip, which allows for easy placement in all conditions.
The body and the hanger are made of aluminum to minimize weight.
The foldable crank is made of stainless steel.
The diameter of the screws is larger than the current ones on the market.
This makes it possible to safely use existing anchor holes. A color code makes to quick identification of the different lengths.
These are the ideal screws for technical routes where performance and lightness are key points.
Available in 5 lengths 10, 13, 16, 19 and 22 cm.

Technical information

• Material: Aluminium, Stainless steel
• Color-coated knob and hanger to easily identify screw lengths: RED (10cm-58g), GOLD (13cm-65g), BLUE (16cm-72g), GREY (19cm - 78g), GREEN (22cm-84g)
• Teeth protective cap
• Foldable stainless steel wire crank
• Highly textured crank knob for secure handling
• Certifications: CE EN 568, UIAA 151.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jedrzej Jablonski
Too many problems

Until I used them the design looked very promising, but there are just too many problems with them.
1. too sticky
2. hanger to weak
3. teeth come off

1. Stickiness. They are extremely sticky, it happened to me multiple times that I wasn't able to drive it all the way in. This has never been a problem on steel screws and on BD and Petzl alu screws stickiness is noticeable but at worst it's just inconvenient. With these it might be impossible or drive them in even on second or third attempt (after taking them all the way out and back in).
2. Hanger is made of thin hollow aluminum and it bends every time you place and clean the screw. Over time it accumulates fatigue and breaks off.
3. There are problems with connection between steel and alu on all brands. On these ones, however, the problem seems to result in losing teeth much more often than BD. It happened to me and a few of my friends. With BD I've only heard about cases of missing teeth but I haven't witnessed the problem myself.

Steve T
Best screws ever used

While I can't claim to go back to what was orginally used as ice pro, but I have been using ice screws sine the late 90's. I have used every brand of screw since. Just when I thought screws had hit their technical limit with the advent of aluminium hangers and tubes, these Blue Ice screws are well beyong that in performance. Other brands as good as they are hang-up when placing to the point of causing a serious flex in the handle. These Blue Ice screws are like sugical instruments, they bite and have not expereinced any hang-up while placing. A great inovation with the 3 tooth design.

Clara Maynard

Love them!

Mark Smiley
cant wait

ordered this in the middle of the summer, so need to wait to use it. happy with how it looks, feels, and how light it is.

Joe Wagner
Floats in water

This is the new standard for ice screws. Blue Ice has taken the best of what exists in the water ice climbing ice screw world and improved on it. These screws are the fastest to put in and take out, they are they lightest, and they rack the best on your harness. They are also somehow the biggest diameter, which makes rethreading old holes work more often.
A rack with a mix of the blue ice aluminum and steel screws (lighter than competitor's aluminum) is the best you can get right now for ice screws

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