Aero Lite



The AERO LITE are the lightest ice screws on the market, with an innovative 3-tooth steel bit for technical mountaineering.
They are available in 5 lengths. They use a stainless steel, 3 tooth tip, which allows for easy placement in all conditions.
The body and the hanger are made of aluminum to minimize weight.
The foldable crank is made of stainless steel.
The diameter of the screws is larger than the current ones on the market.
This makes it possible to safely use existing anchor holes. A color code makes to quick identification of the different lengths.
These are the ideal screws for technical routes where performance and lightness are key points.
Available in 5 lengths 10, 13, 16, 19 and 22 cm.

Technical information

• Material: Aluminium, Stainless steel
• Color-coated knob and hanger to easily identify screw lengths: RED (10cm-58g), GOLD (13cm-65g), BLUE (16cm-72g), GREY (19cm - 78g), GREEN (22cm-84g)
• Teeth protective cap
• Foldable stainless steel wire crank
• Highly textured crank knob for secure handling
• Certifications: CE EN 568, UIAA 151.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Joe Wagner
Floats in water

This is the new standard for ice screws. Blue Ice has taken the best of what exists in the water ice climbing ice screw world and improved on it. These screws are the fastest to put in and take out, they are they lightest, and they rack the best on your harness. They are also somehow the biggest diameter, which makes rethreading old holes work more often.
A rack with a mix of the blue ice aluminum and steel screws (lighter than competitor's aluminum) is the best you can get right now for ice screws

Rob Griz
Solid Screw

Solid screw priced competitively with similar options. The 3-tooth design seems to be the “new standard “, as I have been unable to get it to seize up in all types of ice conditions, including wet ice on sub freezing days. The OD of this screw is .5mm larger than the next largest aluminum screw on the market. The hanger is large enough for the industry standard 2-biners. It has some design properties that seem to be borrowed by competitors, but in a logical manner. Color coded ano and plastic is in keeping with the industry standard color size codes which is logical. I also appreciate the full range of 5 sizes, including a ‘stubbie’ which no other manufacturer offers in an ultralight. The steel tip can be professionally sharpened or attempted by a skilled person. The threads have decent relief for solid holding power.

Super Light Screws For The Win

These screws are light, easy to place in the ice and get the job done well. I am super pleased with these screws. Their lightness continues to surprise me. I’m glad that the crank design has been fixed so that they function effectively. I do find that the screws can be slightly tougher to clear ice from when compared to other screws out there, but it is not an overwhelming issue.
Blue Ice has amazing customer service and I am grateful that they fielded all of my questions about these screws before my purchase. They even worked with me while I was away from service working a ski course in CO. I even received an email as they posted the screws on their website so I wouldn’t miss the window to get my grubby hands on them.
I am consistently pleased with Blue Ice products.

Jim Ongena
They are the best on the market….period!

They work perfectly but are difficult to clean between pitches. I’ve used EVERY current screw and these are the best available.
Jim Ongena, AMGA guide

Shiraz Nelson
Defective design - handles break easily

I really wanted to like these. However they just have too many problems for the price tag.

First off they are ridiculously lightweight. In most types of ice they place pretty easily on par with any other screw, but no better than any other screw. With the exception of the Cassin rocket which places like a warm knife in butter.

On the downside, when cleaning they usually come out with a little popsicle inside. I've never had to use an ice cleaning tool as often as I have with these.

In hard ice, because of the flimsy handle, they're not easy to place.

On the really downside, a deal-breaker really, I've had two plastic knobs break off. I think this is because the little wires on the handle for the hanger are really flimsy and as they flex I believe they're popping the plastic knob off. I can't tell though since whatever it is it's holding inside of them is sitting at the bottom of a waterfall somewhere. This tended to happen after only a few pitches of climbing - not much wear on them at all. They're technically still usable, but would be tough to place now. (I've contacted blue ice about repair/replace/refund and I'll report back when I hear something)

Edit: this happened in roughly 25-30 degree weather in medium tough ice. It wasn't brittle or bullet hard, but it wasn't slush either.

So save your money. Wait until they fix the knob problem, then they'll probably be worth it for the weight savings alone. (They are stupidly lightweight).

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