Cuesta Adj



It is a multipurpose harness dedicated to confirmed and committed climbers. The sleek, slim design with laminated waist belt offers complete freedom of movement with a minimal weight. Its hot-forged speed buckle adjustment system allows rapid adaptation depending on your anatomy or the chosen activity. Four ice clipper loops allow multiple icescrew racking options and make this harness compatible for the most challenging ice lines.

Technical information

• Materials: High Tenacity PES structural webbing, UHWPE magic ring, Polyester fabrics, High density EVA foams, Aircraft grade Aluminum (speed buckle) and Acetal (plastic buckles)
• Extra wide, lighteight, laminated waist belt and leg loops
• UHMWPE Magic ring belay loop
• One hot forged speed buckle for the waist belt adjustment
• Two hot forged aluminum speed buckles for leg loop adjustment
• 2 front gear loops with regid inserts, 2 back gear loops with souple inserts
• 4 Ice srew clipper loops
• Haul loop in the back of the belt
• Leg suspension elastic reeaseable with side release buckle
• Both tie-in points reinforced with High tenacity Nylon protective sheet
• Weight: 310g for size M
• Available from size XS to XL

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Big fan.

Love the loop placements. Very comfy. Lightweight. No nonsense.

Best Ice / Trad Harness on the Market

As a rock and ice guide, I've tried on my fair share of harnesses and I spend a lot of time in them. The Cuesta Adjust has quickly become my favorite harness by far, both for guiding and personal climbing. Bottom line: If you're looking for a lightweight and ultra-comfy harness that can do it all, anytime, anywhere, then look no further. This is your new quiver-of-one harness.

The attention to detail in this harness is impressive (and appreciated). To give just one example: the tabs at the end of the adjustable leg straps have been heat pressed so that the little tab is rigid and raises up about a centimeter, which keeps the entire strap from falling away from the leg loop padding when making adjustments. It's a small detail, I know. But small details add up quickly, and in the Cuesta Adjust there are a lot of small details that you'll love and appreciate.

Colton Kroon
Best harness yet

I love this harness so far. Have had 8 days out on it and no noticeable problems. Have racked it fully for long ice pitches and had room left over on the loops without a worry. Ice clipper loops are well positioned. Have hung in it a decent amount and while it won’t ever be as comfy as a bulky harness twice it’s size it definitely does just fine for the job. In my opinion the biggest plus of this harness that every other climbing harness I looked at before lacked is the waist. It opens up a huge amount to allow those with larger legs like myself to easily get it to the waist with layers on, but then synchs down to provide a very snug fit. Very impressive

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